Where it all began

Growing up in Jamaica Jody Leylac was constantly called upon to sing with the choir or to give an impromptu solo, she loved music since she was younger and would constantly learn new Reggae songs alongside the Gospel songs she had to learn for church services.


Jody Leylac has always been a performer and has used the sounds of her upbringing to create music that ranges from synth-pop to dark, bluesy rhythms. The impressions left on her by reggae, rock, and alternative music are hard to miss.

From School to Performing 


While working on her degree at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) she joined a band to learn the ins and out of what it takes to put on a show. Armed with the knowledge of showbiz and now a Master’s degree in Communication Arts, she is ready to take on the world artistically.

Her genre ranges from Electronic to R&B and of course Reggae music. Music and art are the platforms she uses to express herself freely.



Here’s what experts have to say


« Her tone is full-bodied and rich with a chilling timber. She sings with passion narrating heartbreak and love.»

«Her performing prowess is unquestionable, riding strongly against the instrumentals that are all varied and well-written.»