I feel my legs start to tingle, before long they’ll both be numb, I’m trying to get some movement happening, but it’s no use, I’m crammed in this small, suffocating iron cage.

We’ve been driving for hours, the road has been bumpy, and the driver seems to be deliberately dropping in every pothole.

My heart feels heavy, I don’t know where they’re taking me, and every attempt I made of escaping was foiled by electricity paralyzing my body. It drains my strength immensely, all I can do now is wait till we get to where ever they’re taking me.

I don’t do well in cages, I thrive in the wild, little by little I feel my courage and willingness to fight leave my now half numb body.

I can’t scream anymore, no one hears me, no one will come to my rescue, I can’t fight anymore, am I just going to die in this tiny cage slowly?

I’m a lioness damn it! I need to get my shit together!! These hunters will pay for this!

I wait and wait and wait, we drive farther and farther away from my pride but this jungle is mine, and I know every part like the top of my nose. I’m far away, but I can get home again. “Rest up,” a voice whispers to me, so I fall asleep; when this journey ends…