Can You Distract Me?

What does it take to distract me from my everyday one step at a time goal chasing life?
NOTHING!!!…Okay, I’m kidding…But honestly, Nothing can distract me permanently but temporarily some good food, good vibes, music, and a new destination will do the trick.


We get so stuck in our lives chasing our goals nonstop that we forget to take a second to breathe. I am guilty of that 100% I will sacrifice everything if it meant getting a lot closer to my career goals which of course is to rule the world with my music.


The thing is distractions aren’t always a bad thing. Maybe we need that one week off to sit on the beach and become one with the sand or climb to the top of that mountain and snowboard down and do it all again, all of which I enjoy doing, and I can’t wait till I’m back on the beach or the slopes.


We need breaks to help us refocus on what it is that we are fighting to achieve. However long it takes us to see the full picture of why we started on that route to achieve those goals in the first place is how long we should take.


When you’ve walked into that metaphorical wall, and there’s no way to go around, climb over or destroy it, TAKE A BREAK! That’s your body telling you to take a breather, and during that break period I promise you, you’ll get the answer you need to annihilate that wall and run full speed ahead.