Chaotic Beauty

Art is a representation of emotions. The way we choose to express ourselves can be viewed as downright insane, if you’re an artist or normal. But what is normal? Is it slashing somebody’s tires because they did you wrong? Burning their belongings because you felt like it was the right thing to do at the time? Getting drunk and crying all night then waking up to feel all the pain that you tried to drink away become intensified?


We all deal with emotional overloads very differently; some, unfortunately, choose to not deal with it at all, so they build a wall to protect themselves and live within this prison their whole lives without ever knowing or wanting to know what it feels like to experience raw emotions.


I go through phases of raw emotions very frequently; they normally range from extreme to non-existent. A roller coaster with all the twists and turns and sudden drops and dives are what I’m accustomed to.


I am a beautiful mess.


Music, dance, poetry, and design are some of the ways I express my mountain of emotions; sometimes it takes all of them combined to release everything that I feel inside. They all truly work together to create a getaway world for me.


Again, I am a beautiful mess!


Whether you overreact, under-react or just let your thoughts brew, just know that we are all different and we will never react to one situation the same way as any other person would. We are unique in every way possible, and with our individual experiences, our reactions will be dramatically different.


Waste no time worrying about why someone else does the things they do, sometimes they are unaware of this stuff but try to restrain yourself from helping people who do not want to be helped. Honestly, it’s like beating a dead horse; it’s not getting either of you anywhere.


People inspire me, confuse me and drive me nuts sometimes, but I need all these different interactions so I can filter the truth for myself. When we analyze a situation deeply, we will begin to see the truth right under the surface of all the deceit.


Trust your gut feeling, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.