Death by Comparison

I am guilty of doing this unfortunate thing way too often; I compare myself with other people and judge myself harshly because of their progress while failing to see my improvements.


We, humans, find it very natural to compare our achievements but is doing so helping or hurting us?


Growing up, we were taught to strive for the best, be the one who’s top of the class, get that gold medal and never settle for anything less. Even though this is an incredible trait to have could this be damaging us mentally? Why were we not taught to enjoy the moments in life and be present with our achievements, which also includes our failures? We weren’t encouraged to celebrate our failures even though they are hidden lessons.


Comparing ourselves with other’s achievements will only cause resentment towards that person and even towards our self. We are all on a different path in this journey called life, some routes might look the same from the outside looking in, but only the person on the inside knows the difference.


We learn differently, do things uniquely, and we will achieve our goals if we work diligently towards them.


Remember, nothing can stop you from blooming when it’s your time to shine.


You are the wall that’s blocking your path to success. Take a second to think of everything that you have accomplished in the past month, and you’ll see the progress you’re making is impacting your everyday life without you realizing it.


We are all exceptional beings, and the more we believe this, the better this world will be.