Do You Dance?

Have you ever found yourself dancing to the music that no one else can hear but you?

If you haven’t then you need to listen to a lot more music.

Dancing comes naturally to us; we have been dancing since we were in the womb, even though our mothers might think that we were just trying to kick her organs out.

The meaning of dance, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is to move one’s body rhythmically usually to music.

I disagree with that meaning because we all know that one person who has no rhythm but loves to move their bodies, with or without music.

I believe dancing for me means to move however you feel, whether it’s to a routine, music or by yourself with songs playing in your head.

We dance when we’re happy, some people dance when they’re sad to forget their sadness. Some just like the freeing feeling that movement gives them.

I find myself doing a little dance when I’m eating because I really love food, when I’m angry, music and movement is my best friend.

So think again about the answer you have for the question that I have posed in the title, think of all the different types of dances whether it’s tapping, swaying, crunk, fist pump, ballet, modern, African, Caribbean, or hip hop just to name a few, we don’t need a routine or music to dance and we do not have to have rhythm either.

Our bodies love to move, it excels with movement, so whenever you find yourself cavorting unintentionally, don’t fight it, revel in it, and let your bodies be free to enjoy everything it wants to feel.

Now tell me, do you dance?