Hold Your Head High or Keep It Low?

Growing up I was always told to hold my head up high and be proud of who I am and my accomplishments which were excellent advice but sometimes it was hard to do. Hard in the sense of being judged continuously and being labeled by the peers, I was trying to impress.


I read a lot of books, got good grades in school all the while trying to be the “cool” girl in whatever role I was thrown in, I was determined to be the best at everything.


When the people you trust with your life start hating you what do you do then?


The true intentions of the people I was trying to be friends with came to light one day, it didn’t matter that they were my family, they secretly hated me, and when I found out, it really put a damper on my spirit. Instead of being excited to tell everyone that I had accomplished something, I started to hide it. I lost the joy in sharing good news because I feared being judged. I did continue to work and achieve my goals, but I took no time to reflect and absorb it.


Acknowledging achievements gives us all that extra push we need to continue on our path but trying to impress the wrong people will only stall that progress we keep desperately trying to make.


We should all be proud of who we are and express ourselves entirely.


A toxic environment is detrimental to our growth as humans. Stay away from toxic friends and family, negative energy and hypocritical people; they’re not with you to see you strive; they’re there to watch you burn.


Holding your head up high like the song released in 1972 by English rock band Ardent said, “Don’t let it get you down, you can take it.” If you feel that you can’t express yourself fully and truly celebrate the small achievements in your life then inspect your surroundings carefully and make some much-needed changes.


I had to go through this adjustment in my own life, people I used to do anything for will never see or hear from me again, and I’m 100% fine with that because in order to succeed I must make difficult decisions and mental peace is my main goal because creativity hates chaos.


Keep your head down and just move through life.

This is a particular idiom that I never quite understood, but when I was on my meditation retreat, I really thought about it. Maybe it isn’t all bad to keep your head down, it does eliminate atmospheric chaos and forces one to stay focused on their own path but is it really how a person wants to live their life?


One upside I see to keeping one’s head down is that it tricks the vultures if they don’t know how well you’re doing mentally, physically and financially then they can’t use you.


If your natural way is to keep your head down and avoid everything, then I tip my hat to you because I am too outspoken to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I know when to keep my mouth shut but I will not just idly stand by and watch something happen that I don’t agree with.


I believe a good balance between both holding your head up and down will result in a healthy lifestyle, as is everything in life, balance is the key.


Hold your head high and be proud of who you are without ever losing focus on your goals and never ever, EVER compete with anyone because all our paths in life are truly unique and diverse.