Let’s Celebrate!

While living in Japan, I had the chance to meet some beautiful people, two, in particular, became my best friends. The thing that intrigued me about them was that they celebrated everything and no I’m not exaggerating. If we got off work early one day, worked out, or went shopping, the first thing they would say is ‘Let’s Celebrate!’


Of course, lots of alcohol and food and dancing was involved, but the thing that stood out to me about them celebrating everything was that nothing was too small or insignificant, everything deserved a celebration.


Life is indeed an enormous obstacle course and every time we make it through the day with our sanity in check we’ve accomplished something great.


So how do we show honor to ourselves and why do we celebrate?


Besides our birthdays, Christmas and any other “Holiday” that we are told to celebrate, what makes an occasion or a moment so unique that it’s worth rejoicing? Nothing and everything at the same time makes whatever situation you’re in worth every bit of honor and joy you can squeeze into that moment.


I did my hair last night and yes I’m going to celebrate because it took me forever! I cooked some remarkably healthy food, and it tasted so good I had to stop myself from going for thirds, that’s worth a massive celebration. My point is no matter how unimportant you think a moment is if it makes you smile be sure to celebrate it to the max!


Life is short; our small goals matter just as much as our vast accomplishments, they deserve such a massive event that the world needs to read about it the next day.


After a particular goal is attained, take a break, drink some wine, eat some food and dance around in your underwear. I guarantee this will motivate you to keep walking on your path to your ultimate destiny.