The Dream Wedding

I watched the whole thing from the window high up in the building; she walked out in a red dress with her red vail flowing.

You met her at the makeshift altar in your suit, you actually had on a full suit, finished with the dress shoes, not the sneakers shit you wore once upon a time.

My feelings were mixed, I didn’t know if I should be happy or cry, I tried crying, but the tears just wouldn’t come, so I just sat there by the window watching.

Vows were exchanged, rings exchanged, and it wasn’t an ordinary wedding. You two didn’t walk down the aisle when it was over; two men came to tend to her, I’m not sure what they were doing, but you walked off towards the front of the little ceremony. You looked like you were wandering, maybe it was happiness, perhaps you were in complete bliss, she turns around and saw you walking and hurriedly said something to the men tending to her, turned her back on them and walked towards you and held on to your arm. You looked at her and smiled, well I’m guessing you smiled, I’m too far away for facial recognition, but then you two started walking towards the beach.

Her heels sank into the sand as she walked but she doesn’t seem to mind, she’s holding on to you.

When you reached the shore she ran off into the shallow depths of the water; she didn’t seem to care that her shoes and dress were getting soaked, you just watched her frolic in the water. As the sun set you both strolled on the beach, step by step you two walked slowly.

I got up from the window and started packing. All the memories of you calling her ugly and that you’d never be with her started flowing back to me, you hypocrite. I want to laugh, but no sound comes out, so I just continue to pack. A girl was watching the whole charade with me by the window, she felt like a relative, my sister maybe. And she started to ask me some real idiotic questions. “Are you going to let her just marry her like that and you sit here and do nothing?” She doesn’t know I feel nothing for you, not even happiness. Every emotion that should be for you has been dulled to nonexistence.

I went and wrapped myself in the bed; I’m not sure why I’m unable to speak, I guess all of this had some effect on me. I feel heavy, and I just don’t want to talk.

Room service came into the room and started to strip the bed I was laying in, I guess it’s their way of kicking me out the building. I’m naked under the sheets but the grumpy old lady doesn’t seem to care, she pulls everything off till I’m on the floor wrapped in a big pile of white cloths.


 I woke up.