What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Music speaks a language that only the soul understands. Whenever I’m in a particular mood, there’s always a song to make me feel like I’m not the only one dealing with whatever it is that I’m going through.

Pharrell made a very jolly tune in 2013 called ‘Happy’ that makes me want to take a stroll down the street and sing at my loudest volume. This song embodies euphoria and even though it can become very annoying after a while because let’s face it, no one is that happy all the time, I understand that he was in a very good place emotionally and that he only wanted to share it with the whole world.

Songs like John Mayer’sSlow Dancing in a Burning Room‘ resonates more intensely with my soul than Happy. I’m a sucker for the Blues and R&B music, the rhythm and lyrics take me to a place where I would love to stay forever and bask in its glory if given the chance. Slow Dancing in Burning Room is that song that whenever I listen to it, I get chills and I’m mentally transported to that room that he is singing about.

Music communicate to all of us differently and I know without a doubt that we all have that specific song/playlist ready to go whenever we need them, so tell me, what song or songs have a special place in your heart?